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March 21, 2013
They have arrived! Everything was smooth. I was told that there were no major issues on the travels over here. The plane actually landed 45 minutes early! Tim P. joined us at the airport and…Read More

Beijing Morning

March 20, 2013
You know how you can have sympathy pains for someone who is hurting? I think we are having sympathy snow here in Beijing. I woke up to an email from Martha Whittington about the snow…Read More

Greetings from Beijing!

March 18, 2013
Hello everybody, I am in Beijing getting everything ready for the arrival of 26 of the ninth graders! I spent the day out walking under bluebird skies and making sure that everything is ready for…Read More

Our visit to Jinli Street for ear massage

February 23, 2012
After a day of visiting local landmarks, we had some time to explore Jinli street.  The students enjoyed the mix of gardens, traditional shops and beautique shops.  It proved that our visit to the silk…Read More

Chendgu CEFLS has arrived

February 21, 2012
We woke this morning and went for a walk after we finished packing. We explored the area around the hotel visiting the newer restored hutong and also the older traditional hutong. It was a great…Read More

Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth

February 19, 2012
Today was a very full day of firsts.  We began the day with our first trip on a Beijing public bus, to the “Dirt Market,” a big outdoor flea market where the kids tried their…Read More

Video from Great Wall….

I just finished making the video, but I don’t have time to get it up on the internet quite yet, because we need to go explore Beijing more! I will post it tonight our time…Read More