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Ninth Grade Four Point 2019: China

March 12, 2019
China: Day 10 Tuesday, March 12 Our last full day in China was very busy. We started our day at school. The students had a chance to go to some classes with their hosts. We…Read More

Last Day in Beijing!

March 27, 2016
Beijing China 2016 Gould Academy Four Point (From Ms. Andreozzi) Our final day couldn’t have been more special! The weather was extraordinary as we spent the morning buying gifts followed by a visit to the Temple of Heaven, journaling in the park,…Read More

From Quanzhou to Beijing

March 24, 2016
Gould Academy Four Point Beijing 2016 Late Group Moves on to Beijing! (Written by Ms. Andreozzi) All the groups started their day with a flight to Beijing. We all met in the Beijing Airport and it was fun to watch all…Read More

Quanzhou: Delegation of Gould Academy

March 18, 2016
Warmly Welcome to the Delegation of Gould Academy! Our group is complete! This morning our Quanzhou group of Gould students grew from 7 to 10 with the arrival of the late arrival students. They arrived…Read More

Last Full Day in Beijing

March 16, 2016
(Written by Ms. Wilkerson) Every day in Beijing has been full, and this, our last one together in the city, is no exception! Here’s a report of our day, and a little insight into how…Read More

More from Beijing!

March 15, 2016
(Written by Ms. Barstow) Spirits were high from the very beginning today. For one, it was Wyman’s birthday! We made a big deal about this a few times throughout the day. Our first stop was…Read More

Travel Plans! – For the China Trips

March 4, 2016
The time draws near for our travels! I am very excited to be getting ready to spend time in Beijing with everyone! If you are looking for the packing lists again here they are: Packing List…Read More

A Wonderful Last Day in Beijing!

March 18, 2015
Our last full day in Beijing was another busy one!  The first part of the day allowed students to have a choice between a walk through the hutong and the National Museum. Those who went…Read More

Forbidden City and Beyond

March 17, 2015
An amazing day engulfed in China’s cultural history on our visit to Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and Beihai Park. Several students took advantage of an early morning walk with Colin. Soon after, the rest…Read More

Great Day in Beijing!

We are working on a blog post about our day, but we are encountering a few technical difficulties. We may get something up tonight (American East Coast morning) , but the hour is getting late,…Read More