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Fake Friday

November 6, 2015
IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! EVERYBODY’S LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND! Hello everyone, and happy Friday! As your Friday-glogger, I feel the need to get you excited for the upcoming weekend, and…Read More

The Let Down

November 1, 2015
Last night was the final show of the fall Physical Performance show: The Laramie Project. After closing a show there is a major let down, a release of the pent up anxiety and energy. We have spend the…Read More

Dealing With Pitfalls

October 29, 2015
Mass start ski races are chaos.  They’re always chaos.  Snow flies everywhere, ski poles come uncomfortably close to your face,  and the likelihood of getting caught in some sort of pileup is very high.  Try…Read More

Tech Weekend

October 25, 2015
My weekend: Assembly, class (at DiCocoa’s since it closed for a month today and half my class of two was missing), class, quick lunch, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, snack, theatre, theatre, theatre, quick dinner, theatre, theatre, theatre,…Read More

Hello Y’all

October 19, 2015
Hello out there in Glog-world! My name is Colin Penley and I will be your Sunday Glogger (Gloger? … not sure of the proper form yet.) (So I realize I am a day off… but…Read More

Nice to meet you!

October 16, 2015
Hello! I’m Brooke, one of the newest Gloggers for the 2015/16 year! As a newbie to the glog-world, I’m going to tell you a little about myself and some of the things that I do here…Read More

Sports news from the field

October 13, 2015
From Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach Leah Sparks: “The ladies played a beautiful first half at Hebron [Academy] on Saturday–passing, moving, talking, winning 50/50 balls. Julia Getman ’16 scored two goals (that girl will run through a…Read More

Ski Patrol: Check!

April 21, 2015
OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: “Do we get partial credit on this vocab quiz? Because I definitely know what those animals are called in English.” I like doing the dishes. Mine, not yours, of course. But…Read More

GA Basketball

February 20, 2015
One thing I’ve never written about is the basketball team. While 70% of the school is on the mountain, the other 30% either does yearbook, nordic, individual sports, or basketball. This year I joined the…Read More