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The Physics of Snowboarding

February 22, 2013
So I was in the dorm the other night, when one of my team members says, “I have a physics project that I need to do, and I want to connect it to snowboarding, any…Read More

Gould Academy Fall Physical Testing

November 15, 2012
So at set intervals during the year, all the Gould Academy on-snow athletes (Alpine, Snowboard, Freeski) take part in an afternoon of physical testing. A series of tests in explosive speed, flexibility, endurance and stamina.…Read More

Pre-season for Snowboarders

October 8, 2012
What does pre-season look like for snowboarders at Gould Academy? Well, due to the fact that we follow a somewhat of a traditional sports schedule here, that includes soccer, cross-country and field-hockey. We also compete…Read More

Welcome to the New Snowboard Blog

October 2, 2012
Welcome to the new Gould Academy Snowboard Blog. In this Blog you will be able to follow the goings on of all happenings within the Snowboard Team here at Gould Academy. We will also be…Read More

Davies Traditions

May 24, 2012
As I think you all know, we live in the dorm and have done for 9 years, 7 years in Davidson (D-Block or Avidson)  and the last 2 in Gehring (The Big House) With years…Read More

Your Own Virtual Gould

April 19, 2012
Ever wanted to re-visit Gould, but haven’t had the chance to get back in 10 plus years..? Ever wonder what the new skatepark, science center or tennis courts really look like…? Are there parts of…Read More

Pig Exclusive

April 12, 2012
Imagine my surprise when I read the Glog today, and I see no sign of the news of the hour. 13 new additions to Gould Academy’s Farm and Forest program. Piglets. The are a couple…Read More

Hey Mother Nature…

March 28, 2012
So the foothills of Western Maine can really come up with some interesting weather. Last week we saw temperatures up to 85 degrees, yesterday snow…. And not just a dusting, a real snowfall of nearly…Read More

Busy, Busy, Busy

March 8, 2012
As most of you have gathered, Gould is on break. And has been since all the students finished their 4 point commitments. But what you may not know, is this is one of the busiest…Read More

Ready Steady…….Go…!

February 9, 2012
One of the truly brilliant* things about Gould Academy, is the Four Point program. Around school Chinese characters have been appearing, and students have been trying to get a grip on the language. Ready for…Read More