swinging in the sunshine

May 19, 2012

About a week ago, a new feature appeared on campus. A swing. My hope is that the appearance of the swing means that soon enough our campus will become a huge playground. Now that the April (and into May) showers have ended, everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The adirondack chairs are rarely seen without a few inhabitants, the fields serve as perfect tanning spots, and ultimate frisbee has become the Sunday afternoon favorite.

What I REALLY want to talk about is the swing. I made a couple friends go swing so I could take some pictures. Here they are. What photogenic friends I have.

Molly enjoying the swing


Harrison made a guest appearance as well

Enjoying the spring sunshine


A big thank you to those seniors who contributed to the swing. It’s a lot of fun. In other news, spring fling is tomorrow! The newest dance/dinner event to be accepted into the schedule. It’s a Sadie Hawkins decades dance. In other words, girls ask boys, and the decade of the music changes every half hour. Everyone is excited, and I’ll definitely post pictures in my last glog post for the year, next week. So enjoy the spring sunshine and have a great exam week everyone!

See you next week,



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