Swingin’ and Dancing All Night Long

December 12, 2011

Last night marked what most consider the best dance at Gould Academy… And I think I agree. I was very excited that my race was postponed, so that I could finally go to Snowball in good health.

I still wish that I was up racing today, and writing this Glog post in between runs, because that’s where my happy place is, but I had the chance to watch a ton of really really fast skiers at the FIS race at Sunday River. Also, I got to cheer on some Gould kids and got some video of a couple racers and a few forerunners from Gould. Here is a compilation of some second runs, mostly of forerunners.

I also got a sleep in today out of the deal. A rare occurrence as I tend to find extracurriculars that take away those sleep-ins (Earn Your Turns, anybody? Mr. Riley, sorry I missed last week. I had a lot of homework the night before and couldn’t scrape myself out of bed for it!)

If you are ever in town and wondering where to go for dinner, head over to Rooster’s Roadhouse. It was my Dad’s Birthday yesterday, and before the Snowball dance, we headed on over to our favorite restaurant in the area. Despite having 2 ski teams in the building (who were up for the FIS race, we sat right across from the UNH team), we still had some great food. The burgers were definitely good enough to be voted number 1 in Bethel!

And then the Snowball dance. I loved the band, playing swing music all night long. There is nothing quite like a good swing band. I think all of us had a good time, talking and dancing through the night. The lights were amazing, and a bunch of teams got to help set up the Snowball throughout the past week. A big thanks to everybody who helped make this all happen, it makes for a much more interesting Saturday night.

This is the snowball from the front door. We all have a lot of fun dressing up and dancing to a great band!

Finally, today we got our Christmas Tree! It’s always a good family outing, going to a tree farm and chopping down our own tree! Here is our pick for 2011:

It's a good one, Right?

Oh, and by the way, there’s 5 more class days until the last day of school for the 2011 school year. Christmas Vacation, here we come!

Have a great week everybody,




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