Sushi, Ships, and Kung Fu Monks – Day 2 in Quanzhou

February 23, 2012

“Physics is tough enough in English, it’s impossible in Chinese.”

Day 2 at FQFLMS:

After an early meeting in the in the library it was off to classes.  Japanese was first (with sushi rolling and eating the project of the day,) followed by physics (see Alexandra’s quote above to see how that went) while the Whits taught classes about Gould and American culture.  Calligraphy and Chinese painting classes rounded out the morning and then the kids headed off with their hosts for lunch and a rest.

In the afternoon our hosts took us to the waterfront and the Maritime Museum.  Quanzhou is a famous port, written about by Marco Polo (the explorer, not the pool game.)  We saw displays of porcelain, models of ancient ships, and maps of the maritime Silk Road.  We were hurried back onto the bus for a short ride to the Shaolin Temple — a Buddhist temple known for its Kung Fu monks.  A host student’s father arranged for a special demonstration followed by instruction by the Master and his students.  After a tour of the temple we headed back to the school to meet up with hosts for a special banquet.  We were joined by the school Principal, who had just returned to Quanzhou.  A full day!


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