sushi for the soul

April 19, 2010

Hey Gould Academy.
I hope the week went well for all of you. This past week was just great for me, except when Friday rolled around. I remember sitting at the boy’s lacrosse game against Hebron (we won by the way), and there was this hail-like snow falling down on my head… snow? It’s April…
what is happening with the world…
But anyways, today the weather has warmed up and the snow is almost completely melted. I swear it was only a week ago that I was outside in a sundress, and thinking to myself how great the spring weather was. I guess this proves to you how crazy New England weather really is.

Besides the bizzare weather this weekend, the weekend was pretty relaxed. Whitney and I decided to hit up Cho Sun tonight for a ‘date night’ dinner, and for some sushi. It was such a nice break away from Ordway food (although it is quite good almost every night, I definitely needed a sushi fix).It was very, very good. (Whitney’s pictured above, getting a little feisty waiting for her sushi…)

I hope everyone has a great week, and PRAY FOR SUNSHINE.



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