How to Support Student’s Civil Rights

August 29, 2016
Civil Rights in Schools

Brandon Baldwin from the CRTP presents to Gould faculty.

What a great day!

Brandon Baldwin, of the Civil Rights Team Project, led our faculty in a powerful afternoon of training to help us reach the ideal of being a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, and respected for who they are. No exceptions!

Kudos to the Attorney General’s office for putting a teacher in charge of the Project. Brandon is phenomenal…thought-provoking, fun, and absolutely dedicated to this important work.

From the Project’s website:

The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project (CRTP) is to increase the safety of elementary, middle level, and high school students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in our schools.

The CRTP accomplishes this by supporting student civil rights teams in our schools. The CRTP and the student civil rights teams are active in identifying and addressing issues of bias in our school communities, especially those related to:

  • Race and color
  • National origin and ancestry
  • Religion
  • Physical and mental disabilities
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation

We believe that bias-based behaviors are especially damaging to targeted individuals and create a hostile school climate that is not conducive to learning. Because of their unique nature, bias-based behaviors warrant specific preventative efforts.

Civil Rights in Schools

Faculty break into groups for discussion during the workshop.

Gould is a strong community but we can always do a better job, as individuals and a community, making students feel safe, welcome, and respected.

Next steps:

  1. Student Training
  2. Establishing a Civil Rights Team at Gould

Thanks to Pete Hedden, Director of Community Life, for bringing this important program to Gould.

Go Huskies!



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