supa bowl weekend

February 8, 2010

Hey everyone! So this weekend was absolutely craaazy. To start things off, on Friday night we had a RAVE in the library, with a professional DJ who played the latest techno remixes and hip hop. It was sooo much fun, and the lighting and and sound systems were amazing. The library was transformed into a dance floor, and the lobby was filled with great snacks (including an amazing fondue fountain may I add). This weekend was parents weekend also, so there was lots to do with meetings, gatherings, and of course the annual four point auction. During the dance in the library, parents gathered up at the Bethel Inn for drinks and a live auction. I’m sure they had a lot of fun, but probably not as much as we did at the dance.

On Saturday night, about 15 students (including myself) traveled to the Holderness School in northern New Hampshire for their annual GLOW dance. About 15 other schools showed up also, and in total there were close to 400 people! It was so much fun, and everyone danced the night away in the dark with glow sticks, strobe lights, and tons of reggae music.
Sunday started off on a more relaxed note, because everyone was exhausted from two nights of non-stop dancing. However, the mood quickly changed as soon as we all flowed into the Ordway dining hall for the annual Super Bowl party. Brian and his staff did an amazing job preparing snacks for us, including separate Colts and Saints sections for food, each serving food native to those areas. He even had steamed crawfish for the Saints table!
Starting at 3:30, we started setting up and transforming the dining hall into the ultimate living space to watch the game. People brought couches, chairs, and set up rows and rows of blankets
and pillows. We also had a HUGE screen set up with a projector so we had the best view of the game possible. The game itself was very exciting, and it seemed as though almost the entire school was rooting for the Saints. (I can’t say I’m a true fan of Peyton Manning either…)
The food was great, the atmosphere was fun, and overall, the
entire night was a great success.
Honestly I am so glad Gould sets up a Super Bowl party every year, because they are so much fun… and the food is amazing. Fried potato skins, six foot long subs, and mozzarella sticks.
What could be better?

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