Sunny Days

April 20, 2011

Hey everyone that reads this blog, sorry I’ve been so absent for the past two weeks.  Can someone please comment on this post and tell me when it is supposed to get nice in Bethel.  I’m still waiting for that sunny sunday where the only thing to do is lay on the upper field and just enjoy nothingness.  Those are going to be some of my best memories here, just sitting on the adirondack chairs talking about whats to come.  Last spring was different though, everyone in my class wanted the time to go by fast because we all knew that we were coming back to Gould next year, and who doesn’t want summer.  But this year, of course i want summer, but i know that I won’t come back next year.  I’m afraid if I let time pass me by quickly now, on this cold rainy day, I won’t be able to slow it down again on that beautiful Sunday.  So those seniors that are reading this, don’t slow down those classes that you are sick of, just remember how long you want that last Sunday to last with the people you’ve been accustomed to.


On a slightly separate note, I owe it to my team to talk about our lacrosse season so far and our game today.  I was given the awesome opportunity to walk onto the varsity team last year as a junior, when never playing lacrosse before.  So our season so far has been back and fourth, we have shown moments of greatness but then also moments where we did not even touch the spectrum of our potential.  we are 6-6 now and we have 12 more games in our season.  18 and 6 would be a pretty amazing record for my senior year.  So we need some support on this cold and rainy Wednesday afternoon, and I promise if you come out to watch, that beautiful Sunday will feel all that better.



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