Sunday River Whitecap No Match for Gould Juniors

March 12, 2013

OVERHEARD AT THE FIRE CIRCLE, JUNIOR POINT: “Mr. Alford, we decided that if we eat all of the food and we’re still hungry, we’re going to eat Álvaro.”

In again, out again!  I’ve just returned from nine glorious days with nine Gould Juniors in the Maine wilderness (ok, truth be told, it was more like the “Maine semi-tamederness”), and tomorrow morning I leave for Ten days, with nine Gould Juniors and Sophomores, for a Spanish exchange trip.


So, in the spirit of “hey, I need to write a GLOG before I leave again,” I am here multitasking (packing, writing comments, writing a GLOG, and napping).  And I just had a great idea:

You know how they say (whoever “they” are) that a picture is worth a thousand words?

Here are ten thousand words.  see you next week, in Spain!

Our group. Sawyer and Stephen forgot to finish getting dressed before hiking up Goose Eye mountain.

Goose Eye, from Sunday River Whitecap

The snowman that Borja built. Note the ski pole basket next to it (size reference).

A very typical fire circle/kitchen/dining room/rec room/laundry room (for drying socks!)

Co-Glogger Alec looking at “somewhere back near home” from the summit of Sunday River Whitecap.

Your Glogger looking buff (spirit of full disclosure: I am NOT looking buff).

Artistic, evening-meal photo.

2 out of 3 awesome, hirsute leaders

Álvaro, wondering if OTHER people in Spain do crazy things like this. (Note: Álvaro-google the word “Tomatina”. ‘Nuff said)

Words fail me.


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