Sunday? Already?

September 29, 2013

I know Monday is right at the corner and you may have a lot of things to do before a new week starts, but this Sunday, you finally get to meet me, your Sunday Glogger. Let me brighten up your Sunday a little bit by helping you get to know another human being on Earth, who is living on Gould campus :


1. My name is Lan Truong, and I am from Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, Vietnam. If you stop right there and start asking the computer screen : “soooo… how did you end up in Maine?”, then the answer you are looking for includes three lengthy flights with a total of twenty-three hours, and a bus ride of about two hours. It is an exhausting trip indeed, but without it, I could not have made it on this Glog (and brownies at the dining hall are totally worth it.)

2. I am a two-year senior who is preparing for the college application attack. Sometimes I panic because of college essays, but sometimes my roommate and I find the process to be quite exciting as we look at potential places for us to be next year. I hope that everything will turn out fine in the end, and that you will hear good news from me!

3. For my Fall activity, I am currently a part of our Physical Performance program and I am also taking photos of athletic or extracurricular events for Gould’s yearbook and for the communications office.

This is a photo I took for the Varsity Girl’s soccer team. Our fellow Glogger, Cathryn, is right in the middle!

4. Finally, to complete my attempt to brighten up your day…

A cat in a weird position makes everything better.

…here is my weekly dose of cat in weird positions. Cat makes life better and funnier.

See you all next week,



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  1. Avatar anonymous says:

    great post lan. love the cat!

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    Lan, enjoyed your blog; thanks for brightening my day:) The cat picture is hilarious (assumiong she’s OK).

  3. Avatar Angel Zhou says:

    Enjoy your life in Gould!!

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