Summer Freeski Camp @ Mt. Hood, Oregon

September 19, 2013
July 2013 Gould Freeride Camp

July 2013
Gould Freeski Camp

We all know how hard it is to hang up your skis in April and wait 6 months to be reacquainted with them in November.. A few of the boys from Gould decided they couldn’t wait that long and signed up for summer camp.

Jay Wilder, Jack Tegan and Tim Stangel make their way to their first turns of the summer!

Jay Wilder, Jack Tegan and Tim Stangel were this stoked to be on their way back to snow! What’s better than shredding the park all day? Shredding the park all day in a T-shirt.

Jay Wilder - Jack Tegan - Tim Stangel

With 8 days of awesome weather, the only thing the guys were worried about was making sure they hadn’t missed a spot with sunscreen..

H20 Break

Full of ambition, we decided that the lift took too long to lap and spent most of our time hiking the features we wanted to sesh. These guys made sure to stay hydrated and did work making the most of their time on hill!

Snow Donut

Jay took some time to make a snow donut in between all the shots he stacked.


Jack always had a question about what’s going on, and did a great job working out the kinks of his game.


Tim knows how to have fun with the best of them, and looks this good all the time.

Three Amigos

With a little bit of hiking above the Palmer lift on the glacier, you can find yourself in some terrain that makes you feel like your skiing on the moon. It’s definitely worth the extra work for some of the views you get from that part of the mountain..


Beyond hiking jumps and rails until our hearts were content, we also explored some areas of the mountain that obviously hadn’t see much traffic.


Most days we had to much fun to stop for lunch. Instead we hung out at the truck to crush our delicious bagged lunches.

Trillium Lake

Being off the hill at 2pm left us with plenty of time to check out some of the cool local spots Oregon has to offer. We made sure to do some swimming at Trillium Lake, south of the mountain.


We did some adventuring in the National Forest, where we waded in some very cold streams and ran along some of the biggest trees we and ever seen.


On our way to dinner one night we made sure to pit-stop at Multnomah Falls. This 620ft waterfall was amazing watch, and we couldn’t leave without seeing it from the top.

Fall Top

Video Review

We do film review everyday to see how things looked while throwing down on the hill. It seemed like a good idea to find some unique places to check the tape.

Big props go out to the Mazama Lodge for another great experience! Their food is top notch and they even let us commandeer their deck for our own sleeping quarters the last nights of our stay.


This summer’s camp was a ton of fun, and the guys got a chance to cut their time away from snow in half. Make sure to check out just a few of the shots of the buys in action below.


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    Great to see the Mt Hood trip – looks like a lot of fun! Wish I was on the team……

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