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May 11, 2011

So I think lunch was my highlight of the day… The morning was fine, went into the Winter Sports office, underneath the Health Center, and got quite a lot done, summer camp logistics, T-shirts, prepping for physical testing, airbag discussions etc. Went back to the apartment, unpacked from my mini-vacation, changed some washing over. Then to off to lunch MEATLOAF…

My guests for lunch were Kurt, Jake, Parker G, Helen, Tucker, Colin and Nancy B.

Conversations included, Tom Jones, soup, Elvis Presley, New Orleans, QR codes, T-shirts, MEATLOAF, webinars, Bamboo Bikes and yearbook, and probably much more that I wasn’t involved in.

Back to the office, a couple of more emails, more summer camp logistics, accomadation planning for trip to USSA congress next week and the then back to apartment where I agonize what to write in the GLOG……!!!!

And here’s my obligatory picture. Spot the senior who will be leaving us this year. You may see some other Gould alums, but only one senior from this year. Send your guesses to the comments, bonus points for the alums. Answers next week.

Any parents of our motley crew, are not allowed to answer until Wednesday….!

Some snowboaders before Gould was even a twinkle in their eye.

Until next week.

Stay classy

The Davies’s


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  1. TKimball TKimball says:

    The title reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. “It’s about nothing.”

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