Studying, Cakes, Jigsaws and Crutches…!

November 17, 2011

So we’re the picture takers of the GLOG this week on our travels around campus during exam week.

We found Cupcakes being made by proctors for their floor,

Spreading the love..

Spaniards doing Portland Maine jigsaws.

Who knew, that the girls loved jigsaws...

Studying, with snacks…..!

Getting it done..

Studying and snacks











And Ella on crutches made by her dad, with old skis, ski-poles and boot liners.  And just so you know, she’s now off them and will be skiing soon.

Yay Ella….

Happy birthday Ella.. For Weds.

So hopefully you enjoyed the pics and didn’t mind not having to read too much this week.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

The Davies’s’s’s


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