Student Meeting 2 Details + Family Weekend Opportunity

February 4, 2015

Last night we met as a group and I shared the biographies from the Tumaini  students and handed out an on-line scavenger hunt.

Meet Anthony, who will host Noah.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 4.47.24 PMAnthony writes of himself, “Three words that describe me are kind, socializing, and cooperative. Kind because I love people, socializing because I like making friends, and cooperative because working together with everyone is important.”


As soon as these biographies get shared, the trip gets *very real*, and it is exciting to see the month of March getting closer. There is a recent newsletter from the Tumaini School, which helps give you a sense of the school community. Click here for the newsletter.


Students were very excited to work through the scavenger hunt  as well–they began to understand the type of experience that will have. Here are the questions, and I urge you to find the answers as well.


What are the Big 5 of the Serengeti?
What was discovered near Olduvai Gorge?
Sketch the Great Rift Valley and locate Lake Eyasi.
What do the colors of the Tanzanian flag represent?
Who are the Maasai?
How did the  Ngorongoro Crater form?
Who are the Hadza?
What month does the Great Migration happen?
What are two things you can expect to do on a safari, or game, drive?
What is the largest mountain in Africa?
We fly from Boston to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Arusha. How long is the total flight?
If it is 8 am in Boston, what time is it in Arusha Tanzania?
What is a common food in Tanzania?
What animal in the Serengeti is at great risk because of poachers?
How many languages are spoken in Tanzania?


To help review all the information about the trip and  to help understand the needs of your child, I hope to meet each of you Saturday during Family Weekend.  We convene Saturday at 10:30 in Ordway Living Room and Mr. Southam and I will give an overview of the Four Point program  and the amazing adventure in Tanzania.   For all parents who are unable to attend, we will record the meeting and post a link to a video a few days after the meeting.


Please bring any questions you have about the trip on Saturday morning, and we look forward to talking with you soon. Please send an email if you have any questions before Saturday. Remember to view all previous blog postings for information.


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