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October 18, 2012

During a ride on the lift in the season of 2003/4 I was chatting to one of the riders on the team at the time, and I asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A pretty standard question from an adult to a graduating senior. His reply was, ‘Something in the snowboard industry, an executive. I’m going to continue to compete, network, go to college, and then get an exec job in the industry. The integrity of the industry needs snowboarders to stay involved…!”

And I thought he was going to say “a fireman.”

Vans office

Since then, it has always been an objective of mine to encourage the snowboarders on the team to really think about snowboarding and “extreme sports” as a viable option for future employment. And I’m glad to say, that many Snowboard Team alums have taken that path, and continued to have snowboarding/skateboarding/surfing as part of their daily life.

Below are some of the riders, and their jobs (as best as I know)

  • Morgan Rudd – Terrain Park Manager
  • Colin Boyd – Snowboard guide/Coach
  • Aidan Payson – Visual Marketing for Vans
  • Nate Gilman – Surf/yoga instructor
  • Steven Schultz – Video editor for TWS
  • Brian Schroy – PR/Marketing MFA (Dew Tour etc)
  • Ben Bishop – Filmer/Photographer
  • Lewis Feuer, Dustin Holzweiss, Becky Slattery, Chris Lee, Libby Redepenning – Coaching

Others have also been part of snowboard teams and done other coaching jobs on their way to other personal goals.

And these are just the snowboarders; many more of the alpine and freestyle skiers have carved successful careers in the industry, as reps, coaches, film-makers, company owners, etc.

So look out for these bright young stars, and chat yourself up when your trying to break into the industry of “extreme sport.”

Who knows, your future  boss may have gone to Gould.


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  1. Avatar Gould Skateboard Program says:

    What strikes a cord in this piece is how so many wonderful riders stay with it long after they leave Gould. I have and do skate with most of the folks listed above.

    In fact, the So. Cal. Skate Trip which we offer again November 26 to December 2 focuses on how to get industry jobs and what you do working for Vans as Aidan does or Transworld as Steve does. We tour corporations to show skaters, (who are almost always snowboarders or skiers too,) what types of jobs there are and what sort of training they need in order to get the job of their choice.

    There are a force of Gould Alums out there working the kind of jobs you might one day like.

  2. Avatar Chris Davies says:

    That sounds like a great trip Dave, make sure you say hi from me, to any alums you see.
    Chris D

  3. Avatar Chris D says:

    So Ben Bishop, one of the names on the list, just dropped his new video, of all the best bits of his footage from 2012. Real nice stuff.

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