Still on Snow

March 25, 2010

Hey Everyone
The students are back from break, and the one question echoing around campus is
“how was your break ?”

Now for most, the answer is “good, I hung out a bunch, went to see my cousins, here, there and everywhere”

But for many, including myself. The answer is, “I was super busy, traveling, competing and training for the end of season events”
The Gould Kailey Competition Center, was as busy as I have ever seen it over a March break. With groups of athletes in and out, coming back from somewhere or training before heading out to another event. We (the snowboarders) had a 7 day training session, with riders getting ready for USASA Nationals, which is in Copper April 3rd-10th.

For a taste of what we’ve been up to check out this video by James Abbott.
[flv: 300 200]

The Winter Edit from james abbott on Vimeo.


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