STEAM – Putting in the creative “A”

June 23, 2017

Gould Academy Steam Camp For Girls

There shouldn’t be a choice between science or art. Math or Art. Engineering or Art. Art inspires technology. Art gives technology form and function. Adding the “A” in STEAM means adding in creativity and problem-solving.

Unlock Your Creative Confidence

The culture of STEAM is interdisciplinary—it uses art to unlock the mysteries of science; it uses design to explain data; it uses empathy to motivate investigation. Collaboration and team building contribute to energy to tackle huge challenges and the confidence that we can figure this out together. As an educator, building these self-efficacy skills are vital and accomplished effectively in an art inspired, tech supported, let’s go do this environment.

Gould Academy’s STEAM Ahead for Girls! Summer Program

STEAM camp allows girls to explore ideas with no boundaries and to get introduced to new tools and techniques without the stress of assessment. All of the teamwork and creativity in the camp helps campers bond, celebrate each other’s strengths, and gain confidence in sharing ideas of their own. Through making and problem solving they will learn how to be leaders and change makers.  

How creativity and action lead to being a changemaker.

Last summer our campers worked with professional photographer Shelley Bowen, learning techniques such as lighting and shot angles for portrait shots, Adobe Lightroom editing, and skills in making wall mount gallery wraps.  After learning these techniques, we spent the day crafting a photo shoot at the Maine Immigration and Refugee Services Center and taking portraits of new Mainers. Back in the IDEAS Center, the campers went to work to create a 24 portrait installation for the Center. In 48 hours, the campers realized they have the capacity to learn new skills and abilities to make a positive change in a community. Now, new Mainers are greeted by the faces of their community!

Summer is for unplugging from the routine of school and unleashing your creativity! As a teacher for over 25 years, I always hear students say they wish they had more time in school to create and just do things for fun. I agree!

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