Statoil, Maine

December 13, 2012

Here is Kris Freeman racing in the 2011 World Championships in Oslo:

Do you ever look at the sponsors on the FIS bibs and briefly wonder who they are, before figuring that they’re obviously in Europe and you might not be able to buy anything form them even if you wanted to?

Statoil, a sponsor of the 2011 World Championships in Oslo (check Freeman’s bib), is a fully integrated oil and gas company (meaning, has operations from extraction, through transportation and refining, all the way to the pump) based in Norway, with over 30,000 employees and operating in 36 countries.  Like most major integrated oil and gas, they’re starting to branch out into alternative energy.

As it turns out, Statoil is the company behind those rumors you’re heard floating around about an offshore windfarm near Boothbay Harbor in Maine.

In recent news, the University of Maine received a $4 million Department of Energy grant to study, engineer, and get permits for an offshore wind pilot project.  I’m not sure if the two projects are directly related – Statoil wasn’t mentioned as being a direct recipient of the grant – but it sounds like long-term it’s the same project.  Statoil is represented by Bernstein Shur, a Portland law firm where Senator-elect Angus King hung his hat back in the early 2000’s while he was working on Independence Wind – which culminated in the Record Hill Wind project near Rumford.

If you run into any of these people – tell them you’re a cross country skier from Maine!

And…. in other news… the team enjoyed a nice ski at Sunday River this morning, waxed this afternoon, will pack the trailer tonight, and head to Craftsbury tomorrow morning for the first Eastern Cup of the year!


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