Looking Back: A Great Way to Start the Year Right

September 2, 2016
Start the year right

Student elected speaker Will Harvey and Valedictorian Edison Yi address the Gould community during the 2016 Commencement Ceremony.

Start the year right by listening to the wisdom of last year’s student graduation speakers. They are funny, smart, and exemplify the Gould spirit.

Watch Will Harvey’s take on life to understand his call to “action and passion and appreciating the moment because you know damn well you’re not going to get that moment back” and his modern take on the adage “Go West.”

Watch Edison Yi’s reflection on a mother’s wisdom, an emperor’s myopia, and understanding the relationship between wisdom and humility. Edison calls on us to avoid the “zombie plague” of adulthood that may narrow our horizons and to “remain curious, wonderful, and made of awesome.”




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