“Star Wars,” or ” The Sound Of Music?”

May 15, 2012

OVERHEARD IN PLAY REHEARSAL: (an actor)- “If the play starts at 7:30, should we arrive at about 7:15 or so?

No, you should NOT arrive for a play that you are in 15 minutes before the play begins.

There are two truths about me that any student that has ever worked with me should know:

  • A: I love “Star Wars” with all my heart.
  • 2: I do not like “The Sound Of Music.”

So it came as a great surprise to, well, pretty much everyone, when I announced in February that the spring musical would be “Godspell.”  Also, pretty much nobody believed me, since we did “Godspell” last year.

Therefore, I did what any great figure in history would do when faced with a challenging situation requiring sacrifice, creativity, and courage.  I changed my mind. “The Sound Of Music” it was.

This has been a fascinating, cathartic experience for me.  As Molly and Abbie will tell you, I have come to appreciate some of the more subtle undercurrents of this, the most famous-est of all musicals.  I mean, just consider the profound truths exposed in the lyrics of this song:

Oh, hoh, lady-o-de-lee-hoh, “Oh, hoh, lady-o-de-lay, lady-o-de-lee-ho-lay!”

See what I mean?

The truth is, there are some great things about “Star Wars.”  NO!  I mean, “The Sound Of Music!!”  See? Its still hard to even TYPE this!  So to be fair to Julie Andrews and company, I have created two lists for this GLOG.  Here they are:

LIST A:  Why “The Sound Of Music” is better than “Star Wars:”

  • “TSOM” has singing.
  • Austria beats Tatooine for vacationing any day.
  • There is no one in “TSOM” named Jar-Jar Binks.
  • No one accidentally kisses his sister in “TSOM”.
  • It has little kids (very cute).
  • The Nazis are outwitted by those little kids.

LIST 2: Why “Star Wars” is better than “The Sound Of Music:”

  • Light sabers
  • Darth Vader is WAYY scarier than Herr Zeller, even though they both command stormtroopers.
  • Princess Leia’s “costume” in “Return Of The Jedi.”
  • The good guys don’t run away, they BLOW UP the bad guys. Twice…
  • The cantina music beats the pants off of “Do Re Mi.”
  • Did I mention there were LIGHT SABERS?

In all honesty, maybe the best of all worlds has both movies mashed-up together in one big, musical, intergalactic love story.  Maria and Captain von Trapp outwit the forces of the Empire by singing with their seven kids in the Ice Planet Hoth’s music festival.

With light sabers.  And Wookies.

Singing, dancing, Jedi Knights?



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  2. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    Where do you fall on Elvis or the Beatles?

  3. Avatar doug alford says:

    I give the Beatles a slight edge, only because “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is probably my fav song of all time.

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