Stairway to Heaven

February 27, 2012

Monday in Quanzhou:

The day began with excited stories of the weekend.  Activities ranged from karaoke and bumper cars, to trips to the beach and to hometowns.  All were in good spirits as we gathered together again for our last full day in Quanzhou.

We started with a trip to Qingyuan Mountain, a Taoist retreat just outside of town.  We climbed to see the statue of Laozi, the founder of Taoism, the “dragon seeing rock,” and the Pagoda of Master Hongyi.  After a quick stop at a puppet and crafts museum it was back to school for a rest before the daily break for lunch.

After lunch it was back in school again.  First, was a psychology class, where the lesson of the day was how to feel comfortable when meeting new people, an apropos activity considering.  The “bingo game” included asking others questions and getting them to do things like give you a hug or tell you that you are their hero.  Then it was a group activity to make a “monster” with seven legs and four arms.  Each activity was debriefed for the lessons learned.  The rest of class was spent in English corner, with more questions about life in America.  This somehow faded into the American students teaching their Chinese peers how to play duck-duck-goose.  Laughter is the same in any language.

The day ended with a Chinese-American talent show.  We were treated to traditional Chinese instruments, ethnic dance, and a demonstration of martial arts.  Leon and his host played a violin duet, Isabella played the piano, and Zack showed some video of his ski training while explaining the different disciplines of racing.   Another very full day before all headed off for a final dinner with family and the challenge of packing.



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  1. Avatar Deborah says:

    It looks like you’ve had a marvelous trip. Can’t wait to hear more about it when you are home!

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