April 15, 2011

I love spring. Early spring especially. Nothing stands still this time of year – not the wind, not the clouds, not the new babies taking their first steps at the barn (two sheep were born this morning!). Sunlight streams from the sky, raindrops fall to thirsty plants, the Androscoggin river swells with melted snow and rainwater. I love spring.

Aren't they cute? pic stolen from the Gould barn's facebook page.

Life around campus is in motion too. Soon, you might be asked to do something strange for the sake of a Junior’s biology experiment. If your window is open, you’ll probably hear sudden wooshing noises and yells – don’t worry, it’s only the physics class launching rockets.  Frisbees and soccer balls will soon see some action when the fields dry out.

Warm, sunny spring weather has seemed a little slow to come this year, slower than last year anyways. Like I said, everything is moving…just not all in the same direction at the same time. But that’s good too. Rain or sun, they’ll both make things grow. Eventually. It’s hard to tell when. Surprise is the nature of spring. And I love surprises.


Alice H.


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