Spring Time in Utah

May 30, 2013

USSA Congress in Park City Utah is the annual gathering of most of the movers and shakers in the Snow Sports Industry. Hosted by the USSA, the National Governing Body (NGB) of all snowsports  disciplines, Snowboard included. Other than the banquets, discipline meetings and out of meeting discussions. The USSA Snowboarding held the classroom segment of the collaborative USSA/USASA Level 300 coaching certification.

Our classroom

With about twenty or so participants consisting of Head Coaches and Program Directors from around the country Gould Academy was well represented by Davies, Kimble and Flynn. The location for this education was a conference room in the Center of Excellence, a well facilitated room with no windows. Perfect for a group of hyperactive coaches, no distractions. The windows were actually cleverly replaced with TV monitors, so the wandering eye could always find the presentation in progress, BRILLIANT…!

The presentations were mostly done by USSA staff, who are specialists in their field. All co-ordinated by Abbi Nyberg, the US Snowboarding and US Freeskiing Sport Development Manager, and more importantly the one all us coaches turn to when we need/want anything from USSA.

The subjects were interesting and varied, covering such topics as, FIS 101, Technology in Coaching, Judging, Building an Annual Plan and my personal favorite, Sports Psychology of the Female Athlete presented by Nicole Detling, where she taught us about communicating with female athletes and the female system of hierarchy.

A full list of the presentations and facilitators can be found below.

This is a great couple of days, and I really do enjoy talking about nothing other than snowboarding, coaching, parks, fitness, nutrition, BX courses, how to build the sport etc, etc. It’s super rejuvenating after a long cold season.

Lovely game of golf after classroom

Plus I did manage to get a couple of games of golf in with the other golf crazy coaches. And not saying that any of us are competitive, but if we had of, say maybe split into USA v The World, let’s just say the result would have been have been similar to the 7 of 9 wins at the Ryder Cup… just sayin’…!

Thanks again to all the presenters, and we’ll see you all next year.


Wednesday, May 17
USSA concussion update – Kyle Wilkens, High Performance Medical Director
FIS 101 – Abbi Nyberg, US Snowboarding and US Freeskiing Sport Development Manager
Lunch provided/Skate at COE
Judging for coaches – Phoebe Mills, 2014 Olympic Judge, IJC Judges Coordinator
How to build an annual plan – Tschana Schiller, Senior High Performance Physiologist
Nutritional demo – Matt Everett, High Performance Chef
Injury prevention through hip screening – Gillian Bower, Senior Medical Snowboarding PT SCS CKTP
Thursday, May 16
How to incorporate LTAD into your program – Jon Nolting, USSA Sport Education Director
Sports psychology for female athletes – Nicole Detling, PhD, CC-AASP, Founder of Headstrong Consulting
Catapult/Tech presentation – Troy Flanagan, USSA High Performance Director
Olympic Lifting/Power training – Tschana Schiller, Senior High Performance Physiologist

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