Spring Syrup to Fall Turkeys

May 13, 2008

Spring parents weekend has come and gone. It’s hard to believe that in just about 3 weeks the school year will be over!

This Saturday I had a great time with our Farm and Forest kids (and many others) delivering ice cream and maple syrup to people watching the sports games. We hitched our draft horse, Dinah, to a wagon, and piled in. Up and down Church Street we went, delivering ice cream and Gould-made maple syrup to spectators at the softball and baseball games, and the tennis matches. Then we made our way down to the lacrosse games on the lower field. Not surprisingly, we picked up a few faculty kids along the way- ages 4-22! Here’s a photo of some of the younger passengers. I was well entertained!
This was also the weekend of the spring musical! “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” was a huge hit! There’s so much talent here! Who knew Tyler could play the piano like that?! All that sound from such a small piano too. How does he do it?

News from the farm: this week we’re expecting the arrival of baby turkeys! We’ll be raising 3 varieties, all of them a rare or threatened species. We (humans) have selectively bred turkeys for characteristics like large breasts and legs, rather than characteristics like the ability to reproduce! The turkey varieties available in the grocery store are incapable of mating, and most would have trouble living long enough to mate because as they grow they’re unable to support their own weight! What have we done?! There’s a growing interest in maintaining “heritage breed” farm animals, some of whom are close to extinction. In the past we’ve raised the broad breasted varieties of turkey but this year we’re trying something different. I hear they’re beautiful animals (and tasty too). Have a look… We’ll be raising Blue Slate, Royal Palm, and Narraganset.

Perhaps next week we’ll have pictures of our little chicks!


ps– thanks to Dianne Ward of Deepwood Farm (home of Gould’s equestrian program) for the use of her wagon for the weekend!


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