Spring Musings

April 7, 2016

What a privilege it is to be busy. I often take my busyness for granted, or even express my anguish for it in a series of indiscernible grumbles to anyone who will listen. Truthfully, I love and crave a packed schedule, and I find myself adrift when hours of open time lie before me. In other words, it’s wonderful to be back! The start of a new term is always enjoyable for me because on a core level, the routine is the same, but all of the details shift a little bit, and everything stays fresh. Maybe you pick up a class or two. I just started an elective called Hip Hop: Race, Culture, and Art, taught by our very own Hip Hop expert, Mr. Bean. Maybe you see a few fresh faces in your classes. I was thrilled to walk into AP Gov. yesterday to find Edison Yi sitting placidly at the other end of the room. He’s going to Oxford next year (Yes, Oxford, Oxford) to study philosophy, and he is surprisingly tolerant of my pseudo-intellectual comments, so I love to argue with him. There is a certain energy at school right now; a positive vibe you might say. Spring is wonderful for that reason.

While I have you here, I’ll show you a few pictures from March break. At the beginning of the month, I travelled to the midwest for the second time this year to represent New England at the USSA Junior National Championships in Cable Wisconsin.

Had a decent thrash today

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The racing went far better than I had anticipated, and conditions were good despite dwindling snow conditions.

Saying goodbye to the snow

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A balmy 60+ degrees made it t-shirt (or no shirt) weather.


On the final day, the event organizers adapted the scheduled relay race to a team hill climb to the top of a ski mountain due to a lack of snow. It was pretty warm. (James Netz Photo)


One of my roommates was fellow Gouldie Marcus Wentworth. We had a pretty sweet view overlooking a lake.

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    really enjoyed watching the live streaming of the Junior Nationals.

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