Spring is Bouncing back into Gould

March 25, 2009

Winter has come and is now going, we last saw most of the boys cold wet and dirty from their trip in the woods and they had lots of tales to tell. March was a quiet affair.
So to hear the thundering footsteps at 6:30am is a welcome change….. the microwave is pinging once again and the rattle of the skateboards passing our window back and too to practice is music to our ears.
Many a lax bag (and boy are they big) float out of the room into the corridor for us all to trip over. The excitement of actually training on the turf field and not using church parking lots is felt throughout the dorm. I am excited to sport the blue and gold for the Berwick game next week and not to have to travel to watch the boys play in Portland as we did last season. Go Gould!

The winter sports are still simmering with the Freestyle team out in Squaw Valley for the Nationals this week and the Snowboard team head out to Copper for their Nationals next week. Many of the Alpiner’s are still competing, with trips to Silver Star Canada, Waterville NH and Smugglers Notch VT.

As its warmer the boys have taken up residence on what is affectionately know as the Beach out front of Davidson. Photos to follow …….stay tuned to the next thrilling installment of life in Gould.


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