spring into action

April 25, 2011

As the weather begins to warm up in Bethel, I’m sure every one has started feeling its effects. The temperatures are beginning to rise above 50 degrees, and the sun has been shining strong for a miraculous two days! On Sunday, after a huge snowstorm the previous day, people were out playing frisbee on the upper fields – a sure sign of spring. Gould is amazing in the spring… campus is beautiful, people are always outside, the Adirondack chairs come out… I just cannot believe that we are feeling the effects of the spring now! It’s almost May, and we’ve only had a few days that have come near to 60 degrees. Regardless, it is supposed to be 70 on Wednesday, and we graduate in ONE MONTH…. so all is good here at the academy.
On Thursday night, a group of students traveled to Portland to see Bassnectar, a dubstep artist who held a show at the State Theater.  It was AMAZING… BREATHTAKING… I can’t even find words to explain it.  Thanks to Mr. Parker, we were all able to go to see him even though we didn’t arrive back at school until close to 2:30 Friday morning.   Below are some pictures from the show, courtesy of Tom Couture.



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