Spring has sprung…

April 4, 2008

It was another beautiful day in Bethel today. The bike team got a long ride in, there were many outdoor runners and a few lounging in the sun, and I spent several hours trying to figure out how to get up to the mountain to take a couple of runs. It didn’t happen, but that okay. A short walk featured crocus and daffodil shoots finding their way up in sunny spots.

The week started off in a couple of great ways:

  • The Men’s and Women’s Varsity Lacrosse teams combined for a 5-2-1 record in an early season tournament in Boston.
  • And there was a great, spontaneous sun party outside Holden on Sunday afternoon complete with Adirondack chairs, the grill and music. Thanks from all to Stephen S. for helping make all that happen.

It was also a busy week with all of the ups and downs for the seniors and their parents (including this parent!) sorting through big and little envelopes coming from the colleges. There has been all sorts of and some very impressive good news, but there has also been the disappointments to deal with. It’s a tough week, but at the end of the day all will have good options.

At the other end of the cycle, on Monday we will be welcoming a record group of students and families newly accepted to Gould as they work to make their choices as to which school to attend next year.

And we are still enjoying some of the great energy generated from the various Four Point experiences. Wonderful stories continue to come out from the freshmen adventures in China. Today, we spent part of faculty meeting hearing of the accomplishments of some of the juniors in the woods. And Tuesday was one of my favorite evenings of the year as the seniors each presented their projects after a great dinner. Each year I am awed and proud as I listen to the students talk about their experiences in business, helping others, cleaning up the environment, experiencing the arts and different cultures across this country and around the world. In our little group alone we listened about some of the following experiences:

  • Using statistical analysis to develop compensation options for a joint venture between two multi-national companies.
  • Looking at one’s country through a different lens by creating a (stunning) photo essay.
  • Building custom carbon fiber bike frames.
  • Recreating a major automotive brand and participating in the ‘pitch’ in the executive offices.
  • Working with a team cleaning up a section of the Ohio River.

This was just of a small sample. At least a couple of our students had opportunities that I did not get until I was ten years or so into my career. If you bump into a senior, ask them about their Four Point.

On a final note, while there was great, initial excitement about the three domes discussed earlier in the week, it was determined that the amount of sweat generated by the students hauling wood chips to heat the domes (and warm the faculty sauna and hot tub) would create salty runoff and possible erosion. Being as environmentally sensitive as we are, the community opted instead to build a single turf field. It will remain plenty green next winter and provide all of the spring teams with a great practice and game surface come next spring no matter what snow may still be on the ground. Sorry seniors!

Have a great weekend,



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