Spring Has Sprung…or has it..??

March 27, 2008

So apparently it’s spring….. Well if you were to look outside here in Bethel you wouldn’t believe it. Yes we still have the snowbanks and a chill in the air. Although the last couple of days have been glorious.

But venture into the dorms and it most definitely spring, with Lacrosse gear everywhere and bikes, yes the bikes are back in town. I do know that the afternoon sports teams are being very inventive with their practice locations. The church parking lots, airport parking lot and anywhere else they can find.
Zack Lehman the lacrosse coach actually talked about a rescheduled game next Weds down in Portland, so if you are in the Portland area next Weds at 7pm head on down to the all weather stadium next to home of the Seadogs, Hadlock field. To go and support the Huskies.


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