Spring has Sprung! (Knock on Wood) & HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH!

April 14, 2008

Hello Glog readers!
Spring is here…for the most part. Over the past week, the temperature has been quite warm, I heard some birds while I was staring out of the window during English class (just kidding Ms. Pooley), and the the snow is definitely melting! The foot of the bell tower in now able to be seen, and there is even green grass to the west of Holden Hall. Sadly our fields are still covered, but that will not last too much longer, I’m confident in it, kind of. The biggest indication of spring however is the amount of students spending their free time outside. Just the other day I had a lovely toss with some friends, people have been sitting in the Adirondack chairs outside of Holden, and all around people are outside more. It certainly has been a late winter, but I think its on the way out. Speaking of late, I need to apologize for my absent glog last week. I feel very badly and know that I have ashamed my family name, but I was really busy with school work.

I think I’ve finally become accustomed to the length of classes, but I sure do have a lot of school work right now. I take a few AP classes, so I think the teachers are feeling the pressure of the looming test in early may. Hopefully they’ll lighten up after the AP exam, and if they haven’t thought of it already, hopefully they’ll read this Glog. It’s kind of a strange time though, because it will hit me randomly that this is my last Spring at Gould Academy. My mother, Pat “Mama Don” Donovan keeps reminding me that it is important to finish strong, and then she’ll remind me again.

Right now though, I’m pretty focused on having our lacrosse team have a strong season. We’ve had a better record than last year, with a few wins and a few losses. It was great to beat Waynefleet Academy, who are usually a very solid team, and this last Saturday we beat Fryeburg, a very physical team that was pretty much consisted of football players, big football players. We lost 9-6 to North Yarmouth Acadamey, but they were also the Class B State Champs last year, and we definitely stuck with them and I believe we could’ve beat them with a few minor changes, maybe a few less penalties and a few better shots, but it was a great game.

I almost forgot, but today, Monday the 14th of April, is a very special day indeed. For many, many years ago Coach Zach “Stickers” Lehman came into this world with probably about as much hair as he has now. So if you see Coach around, give him a hug, high five, slap on the butt (only the athletic kind, not the inappropriate kind…actually, try to just stay away from his butt, just to play it safe) and tell him that your glad he was born today and graced the world with his store of Lacrosse knowledge, along with some other stuff. Happy Birthday Coach, I will give you your birthday punches at practice.

I’m pretty busy right now, because it is that time in my life where I need to choose the college I wish to attend. After all the dust of applying has settled, I have narrowed it down to either Tufts University, Boston College, or Bates. Each has it’s own pro’s and con’s, so I’m having a little difficulty deciding. Coach was nice enough to send an e-mail to the Tufts Lacrosse Coach, and if I could play for Tufts Lacrosse, it would be pretty amazing. For that reason, I’m leaning towards Tufts, but I want to make a good decision so I’m gonna visit, evaluate, and then probably flip a coin. No no, I will make an educated decision, and the right one too I’m sure.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now, but tune in next week and we’ll see if I have done anything of signifigance!

Quote of the week: “Just because I rock, doesn’t mean I’m made of stone”
-Emmett “Eazy E” Donovan


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