Spring Has Sprung!

April 22, 2013

Can you believe it?

Finallllllly, winter has come and gone. And while I’ll miss the gloomy skies, frigid temps, slippery ice, and wet snow…

…oh wait. PSYCH!

Good riddance! I am so so so ready for a challenging, yet fun, spring here at the academy! Our students have much to look forward to in the next month:

– Spring Weather! Sitting on the adirondack chairs, chilling on the turf field, catching the baseball game or a LAX match (how about those Huskies, huh?)

– Polar Bears! This week, those brave souls arose for the first time to plunge into the cold waters of Maine early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Stay cool, you brave Huskies!

– Parent’s Weekend! College Counseling has an impressive line up for the juniors/sophomores, including admission officers from NYU, Yale, Middlebury, and Babson Colleges coming to campus. And who would miss the special live auction this Spring?

– The Spring Musical! I wont’ give away much, but I have a feeling you guys will just love it! Don’t miss this year’s production of “Lucky Stiff”.

– Earth Day! Lot’s of fun and love for our own Mother Earth.

– Spring Fling! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful dresses and hear some good ‘ol nineties music!

– Senior Sweatshirts! I am so excited to see where everyone will end up, and all those sweaters…of course, I’ve already got my GATORS on loud and proud.

– AP and Regular Exams! I mean, it brings us one step closer to summer…right, guys?

– The End! Bittersweet, I know, but I can’t wait to share that moment with you all!

– And finally, the big one…..Graduation! No words for that one, for I’m sure it means something different for you all.


So, 47 days left Huskies! Let’s kick in and enjoy this SPRING!




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