spring cycling and more excellent weather

May 4, 2009

Hello again,

The year is coming to a close but, the cycling season has gone into full swing. This Saturday the team traveled down to Exeter for the team time trials. Every week I seem to learn something new about the sport of cycling. This week I learned how much a time trial really hurts, you see them on TV and they seem to be able to just keep pushing on, but in real life your legs never seem to stop yelling at you. 
Saturday was super hot and dry making the race even more of a challenge. The ten laps seemed to go on forever as I never seemed to get enough air and my legs kept telling me to stop. The coaches and fans, and other riders kept me going. If there was another team ahead of us, I felt as though we needed to catch them. So I would like to thank Taylor Reis for an awesome race, we finished second in the boys a division.
Sunday was a day for relaxing and enjoying the weather, tomorrow is the beginning of the AP tests. 
To enjoy the weather a few of us took a little hike through the Gould nordic trails. Along the way I took some pictures hoping to get a few good ones for digital photo class.
Hope you enjoy, and see you all soon on parents weekend.
Tom Duggan

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