SPOTLIGHT: Kipp Greene

February 28, 2018

In the art studio with Lilo ’19

Name: Kipp Greene

High School: Valley Central High School (Montgomery, New York)

College/Grad School: Purchase College and Virginia Commonwealth University

In the Owen Art Gallery

What are your roles at Gould? Visual Arts Department Chair, Owen Art Gallery Director, JV Baseball Coach, Gehring Dorm Parent

Proudest Achievement: Coupla kids

Last book I read: Judy Pfaff, Elvehjem Museum of Art

Guiding young artists in the Art Cottage.

My soundtrack is: Lovage

Movie I would recommend: Office Space

Favorite food: Really good pizza

One word that describes me: Daddy

Coupla kids & Kipp

Best advice I ever received: It’s not how you get somewhere, it’s what you do when you’re there.

Why Gould? It’s a nice place to be.

What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list?
Catching a bluefin tuna

What are your interests/hobbies?
Art and Baseball

What animal do you most identify with?
Sea turtle

It’s no fish story, he really landed this bluefin!


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