Sports, Shows, and Camera Lense

November 10, 2013

Hi everyone,

Sunday is usually homework day for many people. At this time, exam week is so close – take a break, read something that is not Math/Physics/Literature for five minutes (like, you know, this post), and then you can go on polishing that essay draft.

If you remember from the very first Glog of mine, I take photos for the Yearbook. When I first started taking photos at the beginning of the season, I literally knew nothing about DSLR cameras and sports as I asked myself and other people these questions:

“What’s so fun about twenty-two people chasing one single ball on the field?”

“What exactly is “overcast”?”

“So…how long does a field hockey game last?”


Silly questions, you may say. However, after around two months, I have learned a lot, taken a lot of photos, had some good laughs as I sorted and edited them (mainly because I happened to capture people’s really really funny faces and acts), met some interesting people and got to know them. Below are some photos from my amazing time here – sorry I can’t put up every single photo up on one single Glog, but enjoy!

Now, at the end of the season, with

1) Varsity Girls’ Soccer winning MAISAD championship yesterday and
2) Cross Country winning NEPSAC championship for the first time in Gould history yesterday and
3) the Physical Performance crew putting on a marvelous show of “That Shall Be”,

that question of people chasing soccer ball still lingers in my mind. To be really honest, I still don’t know the answer yet. It may lie there among those times, through my camera lense I saw, when those boys and girls laughed, when they cried, when they cheered, or even when they posed as I pointed the camera towards them.


Have a great Sunday – Gouldies, break a leg!



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Nice photos. Looks like you get around!

  2. Avatar Dirk says:

    Lan you ROCK! Great work shooting this fall.

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