Sowa: all is good

March 23, 2015

So great to hear from the group in Tanzania. Mrs Shifrin sent the note and pictures below. Enjoy.

Sowa: all is good

Jambo! Habari ya subhi? Poa. Hello! How are you? We are good. We returned from safari in the Serengeti last evening. All the big 5—the black rhino, including a baby, lions, leopards, elephant and cape buffalo—were spotted. Journeys of giraffes, prides of lions, herds of gazelles, zebras, and flocks of birds were in abundance. Because of global climate change, the Serengeti animals are migrating differently. Although the lack of rain , which is being called a drought by Tanzanians, was good for safari, it is not good for the Serengeti ecosystem or the many farmers who depend of the rain for crops to feed families.

TZ Safari 3

TZ Safari 2

TZ Campfire











TZ Journaling 2

TZ Crafts

TZ Safari 1

Our safari guides and Tumaini hosts help us to understand water in an entirely new way. As soon as we ask questions, stories come forth, hopes become clear, anxieties are shared, and ideas are bounced back and forth. The challenge for both the Gould and the TJS students is to just start asking. Cultural exchanges challenge us to ask about what is unfamiliar—to push ourselves to find a question when the picture is not quite clear. Peter Southam taught a field note 101 class while on safari before we traveled to the hippo pool. The structure of field notes helped the students to organize what was in front of them and then start forming questions, and evening designing an experiment.

TZ Journaling

Today we will work at the school. The students will help to facilitate an empathy mapping activity to better understand the hopes for the secondary school which opens in January 2016.

All students are safe, learning a good deal, and learning how to meet the world with curiosity.


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  1. Avatar Kurt Fisher says:

    Great update!

  2. Avatar Steph Lufkin says:

    Hello — my nephew Duncan Forbes is on this trip and I am very happy to see a few pictures of his trip, as well as a picture of him. I know he is learning a great deal while there. Thank you for giving him this fabulous opportunity!

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