Southern Hospitality

October 18, 2012

I know, I know: not even one month into Glogging, and I’m already late. Sorry peeps ~ and sorry mizzz Courtney, I don’t mean to impose on your Wednesday glory.

But, the stars at night are SUPER big and SUPER bright in…

Well, you guessed it: Texas.

You may think that since I’m a native New Yorker, I might have been mildly repulsed at the idea of the deep South. You might expect me to think that Texas wasn’t much more than a bunch of cactus and way too many wide hat brims.

You would be right, of course, but I’m pleasantly surprised to report that Texas was SO much more.

I’ve fallen in love with the city of Austin, which is probably one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to (except New York, of course. Don’t worry SoHo ~ I’ll never betray you). The sand colored streets, the arid climate, vintage architecture, and live music draws natives and tourists alike into the ‘coolest’ upcoming city of the South. I’ve never been so at home in a foreign city in my life.










Of course, this is a little bit of a business trip for me. While I wasn’t endlessly roaming around Austin, my mother and I visited the University of Texas at Austin. In as little words as possible, IT WAS AMAZING. The campus was actually situated throughout almost all of Austin; every building, quad, and avenue were filled with Longhorn pride and you could totally tell students were very happy at UT. The best part of the tour? As I intend to study journalism/communications in college, I loved the brand-new Belo Center for New Media. I even sat in on a multimedia class, which was great.

My trip didn’t end there; after touring UT, I left the beautiful city of Austin and traveled east to San Antonio. Although I didn’t think it was possible, San Antonio impressed even more than Austin did. I was able to do many things in my one day in San Antonio; I visited the historic landmark and stunning location known as The Alamo, walked all fourteen miles of the Riverwalk, and even managed to visit the local wax museum, Louis Tussaud’s. The Riverwalk in San Antonio was my favorite, for not only the amazing boutiques with all the little trinkets that a tourist could want, but really for the FOOD! I have never tasted authentic Mexican food this good (best enchiladas in the world!) and the amazing Texan BBQ.







There’s so much more that I could tell y’all, I could practically go on for days. But, if you want it in a sentence: Texas was amazing, amazing, AMAZING and I would definitely visit again and again.


At 37,000 on a Delta flight heading back home to NYC, I can’t help think about possibilities…and of life at UT Austin. Who knows? Maybe I will be eating more of those amazing nachos really soon…


Till next time,

Bon Voyage!


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  1. Avatar Maddie says:

    Okay seriously, now I wanna go to Texas… come back to school we miss youuu!

  2. Avatar Judy says:

    Zee, Sounds to me like you really like the great state of Texas!! Good luck in your search for a school. Just remember that little Rhody has everything within reach as you can travel across the state in less than 2 hours!

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