Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth

February 19, 2012

Today was a very full day of firsts.  We began the day with our first trip on a Beijing public bus, to the “Dirt Market,” a big outdoor flea market where the kids tried their hand at bartering (another first.)  After lunch, it was off to the Temple of Heaven for a taste of enlightenment, magnificent architecture, and a glimpse into the daily lives of Chinese folks gathering, singing, dancing, and playing in the park.  Then, it was back to the hotel, via the Beijing subway, for a dumpling dinner. After dinner some of the students went for a walk to a restored hutong shopping area.



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  1. Avatar Kasmira's grandmother says:

    What an excellent idea this blog is — and how wonderful the photos of your day “Somewhere between Earth and Heaven”.

  2. Avatar Lorenzo says:

    The miles the coat Mrs Alford is wearing has traveled….bet it keeps you warm!

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