Some Music and Lacrosse

February 16, 2011

The week is almost coming to an end, break is almost finally here.  For the senior class, we have a whole month off, in order to work on senior four point, an also to just relax.  I would write this Glog about four point but I guarantee that someone will or already has written about it.  So I’ll write about something a little different, the Grammy’s.  Me and a couple of the seniors in Holden, who are allowed to stay up until 11, watched the Grammy’s in Holden lounge.  I’ve always been a fan of the Grammy’s for some reason, just seeing all of the singers and artists in real life being themselves, without the music behind them.  However, this year, I was pretty disappointed with some of the Academy’s picks for winners.  Lady Antebellum for Record of the Year is a little much.  They had a good track but it almost sounds a little corny; the Grammy’s are supposed to be a classy and legitimate award show, it’s not the MTV Video Music Awards.  In addition, who is Arcade Fire, and why is Lady Gaga even invited to the show, let alone winning the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.  Then again, I am not in the music industry and I am definitely not the one that picks these awards, but I’m sure that some people had the same reaction.

On another, completely unrelated, note, with spring comes lacrosse season!  Last night all of our gear for the new season came, and we had a meeting in downstairs Holden to admire all of our new gear.  It all looks pretty awesome and everyone should come down to the games this spring to see the new gear, and to see the reigning MAISAD champs play!


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  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    I’ve heard the same “Who is Arcade Fire” sentiments a lot since they won. I had no idea they were so obscure! I think “The Suburbs” is a very deserving record, one of my favorites of the year. Here’s a video, directed by Spike Jonze, for the albums’ title track:

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