So Many Skaters…So Much To Skate

September 16, 2012

I remember 15 years ago when I started building janky ramps behind the dining hall here at Gould Academy.  They were plywood and totally awkward to ride.  David Chamberlain and I rode his boards.  The students didn’t really ride with us.  It was hard to figure.  And then spring came and I built more ramps with the students.  There were a handful of students who rode me, 4 boys and 2 girls that first year.

Now there are around 50 students who regularly skateboard which is 20% of the Gould population.  When the new boarding students arrived over 20 skaters chocked our skatepark the first afternoon.  It hasn’t really slowed down since then.

Check out this footage from Tommy Wright.  He comes to us from Ottawa, Canada.  And he is just one of many new students who skate everyday.


Stay tuned for more footage from more of our skaters.  Good times, good times.


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  1. Avatar Mom says:

    Wow. Great to see you on the Gould website. That’s wonderful that there area so many skateboarders in the school.

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