“Some Assembly Required”

April 22, 2011

As you probably know, Gould starts many mornings by gathering in Bingham auditorium for a brief assembly. Such an event prompted Mr. Southam to say this the other day: “Gould Academy: some assembly required”.

Assembly is the downfall for many sleepy souls on campus – Friday night study hall awaits those who miss or are repeatedly late. Not going to lie: being forced to be on time is a pain.

Still, I often find assembly to be a good way to start the day. The first reason for this is that it allows for another 15 minutes spent doing something other than class early in the morning.  My other reason though is that sometimes, it’s fun.

Sorry to be the dork who calls required assemblies “fun”, but I stand by my statement. Take this morning for instance, when Ms. Wilkerson brought a basket of tiny, furry, baby bunnies and then let us pet them afterwards. Everything seems so much better after a good dose of cuteness. Once, the pottery class held assembly outside on Bingham lawn and made raku pottery, which involved fire. That was exciting.

Even on days that nothing too exceptional happens at assembly, there is usually something mildly interesting – a teacher struggling to get the projector to work, a quirky announcement (I remember my freshman year there often being announcements about Quidditch practice).

Either way, assembly gives us a chance to get together and share ideas. I admit that there are days when I feel like sleep would be a better use of my time, but, in a way, assembly is priceless. People in our community have things to say, and we can benefit from listening to each other. If nothing else, we can make each other laugh…intentionally or not.


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