December 24, 2010

The days are getting longer, but winter has barely begun. The Winter and Summer Solstices used to come and pass without me taking much notice. I’d just nod when my dad reminded me that it was the day of the year with the least or most sunlight.

But now, they fascinate me. They mark change, the earth tilting towards or away  from the sun. To us, the movement is slow, but just think of how many times the planet has completed the exact same movements since the Big Bang. In this way, the Solstices mark continuity.

On a smaller scale, they mark the passing of time for my life. Three days ago, on the 21st, I was suddenly struck with the memory of the summer Solstice six months before. That was before I had completed my Senior Four-Point (backpacking in Alaska), before my senior year, before I had gotten into college. I remember seeing all of these things in my future, and now they are my present.

The sun is shinning.  By this, I mean that the earth has spun towards the giant ball of plasma in space, and now we are experiencing this thing we call “daytime”. How cool is that?

-Alice H.


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