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January 6, 2011

So my regular day at Gould Academy has definitely changed in the last 18 months or so.

And Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, bitly, QR codes and Twitter are mainly to blame, YES

social media.

Now I know that Tucker Kimball our Social Media Czar (love ya man..) will be correcting me in his head as he reads this, but here is my spin on a typical day, and the way I see all this working.

Wake up – Check Facebook, now I do this mostly to see how my friends and family in the UK are doing. They’ve already started their day. I “like ” a few, and sometimes comment on one or two. While I’m wandering around the house, I pull up Twitter on my phone, CNN Breaking News is the feed that catches my eye, it’s global, so I get anything that has happened while I’ve been tucked up in bed. I tried BBC World News but they clogged my feed with rain and British political scandal, so I unfollowed them. (my spellcheck didn’t like “unfollow” or “spellcheck”….!!! old laptop..!)

Off to work – Check the Gould Academy Competition Program Facebook page, see if we’ve reached 800 friends yet… Hint, hint…..! Maybe add a post, about a result, alum success or a funny picture of a snowboarder waxing….!

Then I check the @ridegould Twitter feed. What I’m looking for here is, results from around the world, new video clips, industry news or news from our various Gould Academy twitter pages, @skigould @gouldhuskies @gouldacademy @gouldacademylax When I find a story or some news I want to share with my @ridegould followers I “retweet”. Youtube and Vimeo is always good for instructional videos and posting our own videos. Then there is Dartfish TV where we have our own channel.

I’m sharing, and I feel great about it.

Wednesday nights is Glog night. This means opening up WordPress and crafting a blog for your reading pleasure.

All these things serve a purpose in my work. Getting information out to the people in my own bubble,  and the good word of Gould Academy and for me Snowboarding, out to the widest audience possible.

I think it works, (OK Tucker, it works) and it’s kinda fun.

And just as an FYI, for those who don’t know me. Twitter is my favorite, and look out for QR Codes.

Please scan me..

Nanoo – Nanoo

Chris and Helen

Note- My spellcheck didn’t like the following words Facebook, WordPress, bitly, spellcheck Twitter and retweet . But what does it know…..!

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