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October 27, 2012

This time of year at Gould is a busy, often stressful time. Every class seems to be gearing up for exams (2 weeks..yikes), sport seasons are coming to a close, and everyone is holding their breath waiting anxiously (and sometimes dreading) the snow.


Soccer: It’s Friday as I write this, and it’s GAME DAY! The Women’s Varsity Soccer Team is heading off to Berwick today for a game. Usually, our games are on Saturdays, but the fact that our game is today leads me to my next point.

Shopping/Halloween: Since our team has the entire weekend off, I decided to plan a trip to the Portland Mall and Goodwill. Let me just make something clear. Halloween at Gould is a BIG deal. Almost everyone, faculty included, goes all out. This year, I have two costumes planned (one for school, one for the dance that follows), and both require a fair amount of shopping. Obviously, I can’t disclose any information on these costumes, however I assure you there WILL be pictures. So, tomorrow, a large group of juniors and seniors will head off to Portland for a much needed escape and some shopping. Just to give you an idea of Halloween I will post some pictures of past years Halloweens.

North Carolina: Next Thursday, I’m heading off to the deep south (ish). My sister, Anna (’11), attends Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. I haven’t seen her in AGES so I’m going to see her for the weekend. I can’t wait!! (Yes Anna, I’m admitting that I miss you).

The next week promises to be full of excitement. Next time I will be writing to you from sunny North Carolina. Until then!


The Russian spy, the art thief, and the CIA. (Nika and Maddie ’14) Halloween 2011













Batman and the Flash (Nika ’14) Halloween 2010


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