So, who are YOU going with??????

December 8, 2010

OVERHEARD ON THE CHAIRLIFT (said by a ski patroller): I like to sing while I ski, but I like to have the song I sing have something to do with the name of the trail I’m skiing.

The girls in “The Big House” thought that I should spend my Glog-time this week writing about what’s really important to them this time of year:


No, that was me just making them mad.  Actually what they suggested was that I write about the upcoming….wait for it… technicolor….


which, for the uninitiated (or those that went to Gould pre-Alford) is the super-dress-up, wear-your-heels-and-dresses-that-you-bought-last-July dance that takes place this weekend in the Bingham Gym.  The dance is fantastic, and Mr. McLaughlin and crew spend a full week and a half filling the room with trees, lights, snowflakes, and artificial snow banks.  The effect is amazing, and when finished the gym is  converted into something new and magical: A gym filled with trees and lights and stuff.

No, just kidding, the effect is truly amazing, and most of the students put on their best and dance to the Western-Maine-Wall-of-Sound, The Phil Rich Big Band.  It’s one of the highlights of the year, and all students are getting ready for the special night.

Except for the boys.

Seriously,I have never seen such unequal preparation for anything.  The boys at this school start preparing for the Snowball 8 minutes before the dance begins.  The girls start getting ready in third grade.  Because after all, the girls at Gould are doing this for the most important of reasons:

There will be boys there.

Photo used with permission from the owner.

Enjoy the Snowball!!!

p.s. Elise is going with her best friend, Andrew Nesbitt.  I hope he can find his tie.


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