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October 24, 2013

Happy Thursday Everybody!

Its been a busy past few weeks here at the Academy.  After a restful few days of break last week, students are now counting down the days until Thanksgiving vacation.  Leaves are finally falling off trees, alluding to the upcoming winter.  Temperatures have dropped and winter jackets have been arriving in the bookstore right along with Halloween costumes.  Word is around campus Sunday River is opening for the season tomorrow!  Winter is right around the corner.

As the temperatures fall some international students have really begun to realize they attend boarding school in Maine.  It is not an uncommon sight to witness friends bundled up like they’re about to explore the arctic.

A common sighting... (

A common sighting…

I was curious what some of the new students really expected a Maine winter to be like, some never seeing snow before.  After a quick poll of the library during a free dot I discovered the following.

“Wait… it really gets colder than this???”

“Cold enough for Silvana to never emerge from her room”

“Maybe a few degrees colder than this, but I hope its not any more”

“Cold enough to ski, but now freeze”

“Will I have to wear snow pants to class?”


“It never EVER gets this cold where I’m from!”

“I’m from SPAIN, I can’t do this”

“¡Muy, muy, muy frio!”

“I’ll be dead!”

“I’m considering hibernation”

“If I survive, I will be able to accomplish ANYTHING!”

 I bet this winter will be an experience for everybody, an enjoyable one at that.  Skiing will surely be on everybody’s’ mind soon.  I’ll check back this Spring and hopefully report everybody made it through safely. Winter may not be everyone’s favorite season, but we all seem to enjoy it way up here.

Until next week,



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  1. Avatar Lan says:

    Aiden, please tell me it’s not going to get colder than last year…

  2. Avatar Helen Davies says:

    Great blog Aiden, you should revisit the people you polled once we get deeper into the winter. Excited for snow. Keep up the good work

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