So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye…

May 24, 2011

OVEHEARD IN THE DINING HALL: Ugh, I’m so full, I couldn’t eat anything for a week…  Oh, look, wings!!!”

I can’t believe that I just used something from The Sound Of Music for the title.

I suspect that this will be my last GLOG for a while, and certainly my last opportunity to take a jab at Annie while she’s a student here.  Annie: You are great, and we are all proud of you.  You have grown so much, and accomplished so much here!  Keep in mind, however, that some places at Gould are off limits to students.  Right?

So on to the point of this, my final Glog of the year:  It is time to say “so long” to some really great people.  I don’t really say goodbye very much, because the word sounds so final to me.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to say “see ya” to a lot of students (and faculty), and you never know when you will meet up again.  Sometimes your former students come back and teach here (Mr. Parker, Mr. Kamilie..Kamileiw….Mr. K, Ms Oliver), and some students call Bethel home as adults.  And sometimes you run into a former student on the street in New York.  It has happened!  But this week we change our relationships with the graduating Seniors a little, and so I think It’s important to find an appropriate way to say “hasta luego” to them.  So I’m working on a couple of lists right now to help me say “laytah” .

  • To my ski patrollers (Erin, Austin, Emily, Allie, Vicki, Ben):  10-4!
  • To my Senior thespians (Elyse, Alex, Vicki, Allie, Kelsie, Angel): Curtain call!
  • To my Senior Spanish students (Cole, Erin, Austin, Sam, Gigi, Kathi, Ben, Alice): Hasta la próxima!
  • To my Senior advisees: I got none this year; Juniors, see ya in the fall!

This doesn’t mean that these “sayonaras” are only one-way.  Students need to say “buh-bye” to each other and to their teachers as well.  There are many good ways to separate from the Academy, and some really bad ones as well.  My advice for those on the way out of the door includes these few words on how NOT to say “au revoir.”  Seniors, you probably should not:

  • Key your teachers’ cars on the way out of town.
  • Tatoo your name on your roommate while she sleeps.
  • Try to eat everything the dining hall makes in one day.
  • Fill in every answer on your last exam with a smiley face.
  • Leave a dead fish in your Spanish teacher’s desk, with a signed note (I know someone who did that).
  • Steal the Headmaster’s son’s go-kart and go for a high-speed police chase (I witnessed THAT too).

I’m sure you can think of some other ways not to say “aloha”, so I’m not going to give you any more ideas.  Please find a way to connect with each other and with us one last time before summer, and the rest of your life, begins on Saturday afternoon.  We will miss you.

Class of 2011, good…good….good luck!  Y’all come back now, hear?



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