So, how does America strike you?

October 4, 2012

As many of you may know, Gould is participates actively in a foreign exchange program with schools in China. Of course, Gould sends the freshmen to China for 4 point. Having joined Gould in sophomore year, I have not gone to China with Gould, but hear from the others that it is a meaningful, richening and, most importantly, fun experience.


Gould also hosts Chinese teachers and students; Mr. Lee arrived about two weeks earlier and we have seen him around the campus, coming into classes and observing how our classes roll. The Chinese students, on the other hand, arrived Tuesday night. Since we did not have a formal dinner, we could not give them a proper greeting all dressed fancy, but had some time saying hello this morning in assembly.


And oh my, was it fun.


From a girl making a dog-barking sound, (kudos to her talent and bravery to do it in front of strangers – I could never, even if I were able to) to a boy stating his idols were chairman Mao and Michael Jackson (those are two I did not expect to hear in the same sentence)… We discussed their unique and enjoyable hellos in the following classes. A lot of them told us about what they though about the U.S. – that they love U.S. and their host families – but I believe that they have much more to find out. And that leads me to my next point.


One factor that I believe should strike an impression upon the Chinese students is the beautiful natural environment around Gould. That’s right – I’m talking about Mountain Day! Students have been talking about it for a week or so; they say that Mountain Day occurs around when the Chinese students are here, and that was true last year. So it should happen any day now, which excites me. I personally love Mountain Day, taking a day off from academic stress and worries and enjoying nature, and believe that it should be a memorable experience for the Chinese students.

Mountain Day last year. Photo from Gould Academy Flickr



So see you next week, and I should have some stories to tell about Mountain Day!


Min Jae


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